Tanja Buskind

Bipolair: Apollo / Dionysus




Graduation work / Royal Art Academy, The Hague NL (graphic design) 2012

The project shows an installation of 2 screen projections, each canvas has the size of 3.5x2m, 'flying' in space due to the transparant hang system. After graduating, I wanted to create an online version of the work, without loosing too much of the impact that the original work has. Because of it's size, the atmosphere in this unlighted space, and the vibrating sounds that came from the speakers, it's hard to mirror this effect into a 'flat' screen version. But I think it worked out.. Together with the 3D animations by Jarno Burger, here you see a shortened version of the original work.

My work serves as an ode to the dynamics between two fundamental principles, two “Kunsttrieben” (“artistic impulses”), about which the German philosopher F. Nietzsche (1844-1900) wrote: Apollonian and Dionysian. These two apparent extremes were named after the two gods of art from ancient Greek history: Apollo and Dionysos. The Apollonian represents structure and thrive for beauty and perfection. Apollo was the god of the sun, regularity and reason. On the contrary, Dionysos was the god of wine and extatic moods. The Dionysian represents an emotional fuddle, the instinctive primordial animal that creatively tramples all shapes and rules.

Where is the tension between extreme structure and instinctive libertinage?

Thanks to all participating performers/figurants/dansers, who I filmed in on all the previous sketch videos, it became to a succesfull end result: Anna vd Broek (screeming ice water session), David Ortiz Juan (exhausting forrest run session), Cecile Hooijdonk (paper blowing staircase session), Miriam de Waard & Coen Brasser (upside down matrass sessions), Loura van Krimpen (creepy doors session), Joseph Simon (tree waving session). I had so much fun with you guys.

Camera, Edit / Tanja Busking

Dance / Mirjam Soegner, Loura van Krimpen, Joseph Simon

Sound Design / Hyde Park (Kamiel Rongen)

3D Animations / Lichtjes.nl (Jarno Burger)


© 2012 Tanja Busking